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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! My intention for this blog is to network with my friends, write about the goings on in my Business and my personal advice for selling online.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What a horrible experience

What a horrible experience

My daughter and I went to the Mall yesterday, we were shopping having a great mother/daughter day. I decided to go into a Urban store named 'Rainbow shops'. I have often gone in this store and purchased many items, I am friendly with the manager and have always been treated with respect...until that day. I shopped around the store for about ten minutes, found the items I wanted to purchase and went to the register and waited for the associate to come ring us up. I waited...and waited, and after about 8 minutes I went looking for the sales clerk. She was standing in the front of the store, just standing there with her back to the register. I walked up to her and said, 'hey there can I pay for my purchases'. She then looked at me with an attitude and said, "I'll be there in a minute", and turned her back on me and continued to stare off. Now I had already waited an estimated time of 8 minutes and now she's indacating to me she'll get there when she wants. I was furious! I said, "don't worry about it, that's fine" and the asked for her name. "why do you want to know my name?!" she replied, I said, "so I know who to tell your manager was so rude." She then said she wasn't being rude and blaa, blaa.... I was so offended, I feel like because I am a middle aged white woman I was not welcome in this store (rainbow shops). She practically refused to ring me up and treated me with so much disrespect I will never step foot in this store again! Furthermore they are lucky I don't go see my lawyer right now and sue Rainbow shops for discrimination! I often go into Urban shops ( the manager at Rainbow shops called it an"ethnic store"), and have never felt unwelcome, have always been treated with respect. I don't appreciate being treated like a second class citizen while paying for it! I have never treated someone differently because of the color of their skin! I feel that is a crappy thing to do, and I shake my head now at the racist behavior of that Rainbow Shops employee. I suggest if you're looking for "ethnic clothing" and you just happen to be white, don't go to Rainbow shops! (Rainbow Shops Northwoods Mall, North Charleston SC)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You can save big bucks on prescription glasses!

You can save big bucks on prescription glasses! I had a twitter friend turn me onto this recently and I wanted to share. If you wear prescription glasses you could be saving BIG bucks. I just ordered 2 pairs of glasses including shipping for $24.85! This is my first time dealing with this company myself, but I have heard great things about them. They allow you to download a picture of your face and 'try the glasses on' so you can get an idea of size and shape, they have glasses starting at $6.95, a great selection, and these include the lenses! I got my eyes checked at wal mart for $60, and 2 pair of glasses for less than $100 bucks ($84.85)! If you have a recent prescription it'll cost you even less! Over the past 10 years my prescription has changed very little, so I should be able to use this prescription for a few years and save more money! Go on over there and check them out, see if this is something you can use! I do believe they ship internationally too. Shipping time is said to be 9-14 days ( US only, which is about the same as places like Wal-mart). They do sell bifocals and progressives too! If you have used this company before, please let us know about your experience. When you get your prescription from your doctor MAKE SURE they add you 'PD' number. Most doctors leave that off your prescription, but it is our info and you need it.

Everyone has a star they wish they could have met...bruce Lee was one of mine

I've been into martial arts for awhile, I can really appreciate the dedication it takes to achieve what Bruce Lee did in his time. One of the greats! Check out this interview he did at the height of his career! One of the greats! Check out this interview he did at the height of his career!

International selling....why aren't you?

I've been shipping International packages now for over 7 years with very little problems and I've noticed a lot of sellers don't ship Internationally. Here's some help. Below are my tips for shipping International packages.
1: Print your labels out from home.
If you sell on ebay, you can now print all your inside and outside the US shipping labels right from your home. You save money & time! Ebay gives a discount on shipping cost when you print you labels from your computer, in addition the the discounts, ebay also automatically downloads your tracking numbers. The benefit with this is that buyers can't 'ding' your DSR for shipping time if you ship within your specified time frame. Printing your own labels will get your packages delivered quicker as well. The bar code on the package helps post office employees sort packages quicker, getting your items deliver days faster!
2: Schedule a post office pick up from your carrier. has just made over their website to make it easier for you to find what you need. Why not take advantage of this free service and have your carrier pick up from your home saving you more time and money. I save around $15 a week not having to drive to the post office!
3:Calculate your International postage
One of ebay's new changes is to either calculate your cost or make individual shipping cost for each country you ship to. Calculating your postage is the easiest way.
4: Use an International flat rate envelopes to ship.
This usually cost around $14 to ship anywhere. You do get tracking and confirmation when using this service. You would be surprised at what you can squeeze into one of these envelopes!
5:Order all your shipping boxes, forms and envelopes from for free.
When shipping International or APO packages you need to make sure you have your custom forms. First class International mail requires the small white customs form, while APO/Military addresses and Priority mail packages require the large white Intl' form.
6:Customs and duties.
Be aware that ebay says you must put in your listing you are not responsible for customs or duties your country charges. If you put this disclaimer in your listing Intl' buyers can not leave neg feedback for having to pay duties/customs their country charges. Most IntL' buyers will not be charged duties on items priced $12.99 and under ( this doesn't include shipping).
7: shipping cost Vs. ebay fees.
With the new ebay changes to the fee structure (adding shipping into your fee cost), they have said that when it comes to Intl' shipping they will charge you based on the lowest US rate for that item. This means if you have free shipping, they won't charge you fees for the rate you ship at. If your lowest US cost is $5, they charge you fees on $5. Understand?
Below are some conversion charts that might help with International questions:
shoe conversion chart:
Clothing size conversion chart:
Currency conversion:
I recommend you do not ship to these places without priority mail.
A:Mexico (NEVER, NEVER, NEVER). If I ship 10 packages to Mexico w/o confirmation 9 of them will be 'lost' (stolen), priority mail packages are always delivered.
B:Brazil: Brazil has a very long customs time, which means customs holds all packages and most likely inspects the majority of them. Buyers get impatient and often open disputes....Only use Priority mail when shipping here.
I hope that you are encouraged to ship Internationally, You can boost your sales and thicken that wallet!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Intl' shipping and sales, I'll be happy to help you anyway I can.
If you're an International buyer and would like to check out my store click on the Coolstuff logo box and check us out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The legend of the Booger Dog

People that know me know I have 3 shelties, Danger dog (double D for short), Surge Mcfluff (Big Bubba is what I call em'), and the Flash (fishy flash cause he's so full of himself), their very smart dogs. Their like my kids, they demand their walk every morning and I like doing it. It keeps me exercising, and they get to see just a little bit of their world. BUT, they have no concept of time. They think as soon as I wake up it's time to go, so I sat them down and told them this story...The legend of the Booger dog. They sat quietly as though listening (looked like they were paying attention), I told them of how the booger dog looks...he's BIG, black, got a half chewed ear, huge white eyes (for seeing in the dark), big white teeth (perfect for eatin' Shelties), and big feet! Oh and he's super fast! He prowls out at dark searching for poor defenseless animals to gobble up! So I told them that there is no way we can walk before the sun comes out, for it's just not safe. Danger dog sneezed...Big bubba sat down, and the flash just looked dopey. I think they got it! So whenever they ask to go before dark I remind them of this story, my husband thinks it's 'adorkable' and often teases me, but I think it's fun! What kind of silly things do you do with your fuzzy family members? Do you dress them up? Push them in a baby carriage? I'd love to hear I know I'm not a nut:)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

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